Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tools for helping to backup databases

I find litespeed the best backup too by far for mssql products, Why might you ask do I need a backup tool when mssql has sqlbackup built in. Well the main reason is that mssql backup until now did not have a compression tool 2008 now does. However, if you are on sql2005 or below then I would recommend litespeed.

here is how to install litespeed and a small guide to using it to back up.

SQL Lite Speed Installation Guide

Installation Steps

1. Put in the CD brows the cd
2. Launch the install by double clicking on the file litespeedforsqlserver32bit_45000157_1.msi

The screen below will be shown once the installer starts

Choose Next> to move to the next screen

Choose Next> to move to the next screen

Accept the License Agreement and choose Next> to move to the next screen

Enter the User Name and Organization as above. This is the default and should already be filled in. Ensure the application is installed for anyone who uses the computer and choose Next >

The default destination folder will be on the C: drive. This needs to be changed to reside on the E: drive.
Choose the Change… button

Enter the folder name as E:\Imceda\LiteSpeed\SQL Server\ and click OK

If the destination folder is defined correctly choose Next >

Select Complete setup and choose Next >

Click the Install button to begin the installation

Choose Next >

Select the “Use Same login details for all instances” and ensure Install is listed as the Install Action against all SQL Instances on the server.

We do not perform activity logging so ensure that Activity Logging is not setup and choose Next >

The following screen will summarise what will be installed. Choose Next >

The Installation has now completed. Choose Finish.

The Registration process will now be launched.

Choose Next >

Select “Register your copy of LiteSpeed 2005” and choose Next >

Select “Load Registration Key From File”. The file you have to load is called GlobalLiteSpeedLicenseKey.txt and is located in the same folder as the installation software.

Choose Next > to proceed

Once the Registration process has been completed, the installation is now complete.

to backup the database use
@database = database
,@filename = '\path\backup\database.bak'

To restore a database with litespeed us this command
How to restore a file with litespeed if you get the error this is not a vaild backup file.

@database = 'database'
,@filename = '\path\backup\database.BAK'

or you could create a job to do this for you.

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