Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Economic Down Turn

I am now living in Japan, I am a DBA for a contract company contracting to a bigger company.
With the downturn I am always worried about my job, I guess I am lucky as I still have my job, However, it is funny as I am told there is always work for DBA's and DBA's are still in demand.

I am upset that the govenment has not done anything to protect the people that are laid off and are bailing out the people that caused all the trouble.

What we can do during these times is try to make our skills count. And, instead of worrying about or jobs and letting our work suffer is try to reduced the change of us getting laid off try to make your job so valuble that you wont get cut. How you might ask?
firstly I would say try to boost your DBA and IT skills how you might ask again? My Training budget has been cut.

Well I would say use the internet there are a number of resources out there.
try sites like
all these sites have good techical questions and also Oracle and Sybase have great online books free to download.

Start new projects maybe a migration or try new technologies if you are using database backup try litespeed, have a look what else is out there you may get free downloads you can practise with add it too your skill set so if you do get laid off then you can show these skills.

Try to find events some of these have free training, i know SQL PASS and code Camps do.

So in other words dont sit around moping, invest in yourself. this may cost nothing but your time but you will reap there rewards in the end.

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