Monday, May 17, 2010

Check which tables have triggers and compare

This is useful if you have 2 or more databases in different sites.

Script to check which tables have triggers

SELECT as tablename, as triggername FROM sysobjects s1
JOIN sysobjects s2 ON =s2.parent_obj
AND s2.xtype = 'TR'
WHERE s1.xtype = 'U'


tablename triggername
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
AccruedDivis trAccrueddivisAuditQueueInsert
AccruedDivis trAccrueddivisAuditQueueUpdate
AccruedDivis trAccrueddivisAuditQueueDelete
AlertMessages trAlertMessagesInsert
Run this on both of the servers and in the databases required
copy the data to an excel worksheet
I have two databases one in London and one in Hong Kong in this sample

use a vlookup to compare like this and the copy the formula down


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